Friday, August 19, 2016

Epic Adventure-Day One

Naturally the night before my Epic Adventure I had trouble sleeping.  Too excited and nervous.  Made up a new word "nervacited".  I was so determined to leave the driveway on time that I left without coffee.  Yes, driving long distance without coffee.  If you know me, you understand that I am a better person having had my morning coffee.  I began questioning my sanity on the other side of Saint Louis when I finally found a Starbucks that I could get to easily.  What did I think I was doing driving cross country alone and without coffee?  What made me think this driving trip was a good idea?  Coffee helped me redirect my thoughts but I was never so happy to get to my hotel room right outside of Oklahoma City.  Keeping company with a good book, a lovely martini and a beautiful evening breeze.  "Show Your Work" is one of my favorite books.  A great way to end the first day
Austin Kleon

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