Friday, August 19, 2016

Epic Adventure-Day One

Naturally the night before my Epic Adventure I had trouble sleeping.  Too excited and nervous.  Made up a new word "nervacited".  I was so determined to leave the driveway on time that I left without coffee.  Yes, driving long distance without coffee.  If you know me, you understand that I am a better person having had my morning coffee.  I began questioning my sanity on the other side of Saint Louis when I finally found a Starbucks that I could get to easily.  What did I think I was doing driving cross country alone and without coffee?  What made me think this driving trip was a good idea?  Coffee helped me redirect my thoughts but I was never so happy to get to my hotel room right outside of Oklahoma City.  Keeping company with a good book, a lovely martini and a beautiful evening breeze.  "Show Your Work" is one of my favorite books.  A great way to end the first day
Austin Kleon

Sunday, February 24, 2013

At Long Last-Voices of the Lost and Found

So at long last my very first one woman show is open to the public.  I am honored and proud to be an artist exhibiting at "The Women's Institute and Gallery".  WIG is located on 916 E Granary Street in beautiful New Harmony, Indiana.  Gallery is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  For more information please contact: Arlene Feiner 812-682-3799.



So stop on by and let me know what you think!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Work Days

What a terrific break in my working day to find out that I have been given a shout out on "".  Thank you so much for plugging my texting mittens as gifts for the holidays.  Just so you can read it for is the

As a total aside and to plug the vendors who will carry my texting mittens: Wildflower, Evansville, Indiana,  Peggy carries my jewelry, handbags and of course texting mittens.  She should be fully re-stocked by the end of September. Lush Day Spa, Evansville, Indiana,  Shannon will have her shipment of texting mittens mid September.  The Purple Plum who can be found in Huntingburg, Indiana or via face book:  Texting mitten arrival-mid September.  Last and newest vendor is The Magic Jacket, located in Fish Creek, WI, Magic Jacket, due to location already has mittens in stock.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Play Dates For Grownups

This is my first attempt at making paper fabric.  Wow!  I invited myself over to a new friend's house (I so have to stop doing that) and she graciously took me through the process of making paper fabric. She also provided most of the supplies as well as lunch on beautiful depression glass paired with the most lovely of vintage cloth napkins.  My love of dishes and cloth napkins is legendary, so imagine my surprise to find a kindred spirit only an hour away.  It is seldom that you find another person who you find such ease with and on such short acquaintance.  I feel very blessed to have been able to spend six glorious hours, making and sharing thoughts and ideas with my new found friend.  I have expectations of many more grown up play dates. The next time will be my treat, complete with the appropriate dishes and napkins!  I will never look at paper the same way again.  Thank you Katherine, for one of the very best of days.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Etsy Shop

I have finally put things in my Etsy Shop.  I can be found at  This is a beautiful silver pendant made by Lunt Sterling Company.  It is dated on the back, Mother's Day 1973.  I have no excuse for not trying to fill the store sooner, but having said that...well there you go.  My husband is positive that I am just a complete chicken, afraid of success.  Maybe he is right? 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another Perfect Day!

 As the story goes...I paint paintings in my entry way.  My house is not really old, just drafty in the entry.  My fingers would get cold and decide not to work properly, prompting me to make some fingerless gloves, which in turn I now sell as "Texting Mittens".

I began selling them last year; to be specific on December 19th.  I lost track of how many I made and how many I sold.  I had a terrific local boutique, "Wildflower" that carried them for me here in Evansville. 

 The owner of Wildflower, the fabulous Peggy Chastain, took them with her to market in Chicago last year and wore them around for all to see and admire.  That trip my mittens took to Chicago has resulted in my first retail store outside of Indiana.  Thank you to Peggy for sending "The Magic Jacket" my way!  Thank you to Debbie Frank/Oowner, for your order of 12 pairs of texting mittens.  You will have them the week of August 1st.

I am thrilled to be represented in the state of.....
 drum roll please........Wisconsin!
 To those of you who don't know about the texting mittens-they are made from re-purposed wool sweaters.  My attempt at giving back to mother earth.  I use vintage buttons, lace and trims to embellish them.  They are one of a kind.  They can be special ordered.  They do have a thumb hole, to keep them in place.  Yes, there is a manly version, however, they were placed in homes prior to their photos being taken.
I am so excited that I am sure I am leaving out important details.  That is bound to happen when you are having yet another perfect day!  My  hope is that all of you out there are having your perfect day as well!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"She Carried The Ocean"

I am a night time beach girl at best.  I do miss being able to get to the ocean anytime I want.  I miss the sound of the water.  I miss the feeling of awe. In thinking about my yoga practice, it seems that our breath is very like the ocean tide.  Nourishing inhales and detoxing exhales, ebbing and flowing like the sea.  I will hold this thought in my heart today; "I am strong yet flowing like the sea, with patience and grace I will recieve the day's gifts". I will carry the ocean in my heart.